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The Arts: An Essential Component of Modern Leadership

At Key Point Academy, we are committed to fostering creativity and self-expression through a diverse array of arts and communications programs available to students from pre-school through high school. Our comprehensive offerings include theater, music, dance, photography, journalism & communications, and design, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to discover their passion and develop their talents.

Music Production Studio

Key Point Academy's state-of-the-art music production classroom provides students with the ideal environment to explore and develop their musical talents. Equipped with professional-grade instruments, recording equipment, and soundproofing, this modern facility prepares students for university programs and future careers in the music industry.

Students use this space for a variety of classes, including:


Our K-12 theatre program at Key Point Academy offers a comprehensive range of classes and clubs designed to nurture and develop students' talents in performing arts. From foundational acting classes for younger students to advanced theatre production and scriptwriting courses for high schoolers, our theatre programs are tailored to inspire creativity and confidence. Students are able to participate in drama clubs, holiday and end-of-the-year performances, and more. 

Students use this space for a variety of classes, including: