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Our early childhood education program at Key Point Academy utilizes Mother Goose Time (MGT), a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports social, physical, and intellectual development. Furthermore, we encourage the development of positive character traits through the highly accredited  Pixie Dreams Program. The curriculum offers activities and an important content-based program on values and character education with objectives, expected learning experiences, and development components.

In addition, KPA has created a custom-designed cross-curricular program titled “KPA Bright Bambini” to best serve our preschool students. This program includes emotional, physical, cognitive, and linguistic learning development. KPA Bright Bambini integrates our core curriculum like math, language arts, etc. to better prepare our students for Kindergarten.

We provide developmentally appropriate experiences, an empowering environment, and responsive teacher-child interaction.

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Program Overview

Pre-K 3

Ages 3-4

Our Pre K-3 curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs and interests of our students. Our classrooms feature learning centers that offer numerous opportunities for children to explore, investigate, and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Our teachers support these self-directed activities through a blend of small and large group experiences, equipping children with the tools they need for natural growth and development.

  • Mathematics: Children will learn to count, recognize numbers, and understand basic addition and subtraction. They will identify shapes, measure objects, and create patterns.

  • Sciences: Children will explore the world using their senses, learn about plants and animals, and understand weather and seasons. They will investigate the properties of different materials and conduct simple experiments.

  • Reading: Children will recognize letters, learn their sounds, and build vocabulary through stories. They will develop comprehension skills by listening to and retelling stories, and practice pre-writing skills like tracing and drawing.

  • World Languages (French, Spanish, & Italian): Children will learn basic words and phrases, form simple sentences, and practice speaking and listening. They will also explore the cultures related to each language through songs and stories.


Pre-K 4

Ages 4-5

Our Pre-K 4 curriculum builds upon the foundation laid in Pre-K 3, further nurturing the unique needs and interests of our students. The classrooms are designed to encourage greater independence and a deeper engagement in learning through a variety of enriched learning centers. Our educators guide these explorations with a mix of structured and unstructured activities, fostering both individual and group learning experiences to support each child's growth and development.

Mathematics: Students will advance their counting skills, recognize numbers up to 20, and perform simple addition and subtraction with greater confidence. They will identify more complex shapes, compare and measure objects using standard units, and create and extend patterns.

Sciences: Students will delve deeper into the natural world, learning more about plant and animal life cycles, weather patterns, and seasonal changes. They will engage in more detailed observations and experiments, enhancing their understanding of physical properties and scientific inquiry.

Reading and Writing: Building on their letter recognition and phonetic skills, students will start reading simple words and sentences. They will engage in activities to enhance their comprehension, such as sequencing stories and predicting outcomes. Writing skills will progress from tracing to writing letters and simple words, fostering early literacy.

World Languages (French, Spanish, & Italian): Students will expand their vocabulary and use of basic phrases in each language, forming more complex sentences. They will continue to explore cultural elements through songs, stories, and simple conversations, deepening their appreciation and understanding of each language.