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Middle School

Key Point Academy's middle school program provides a theoretical and practical education for all students. We facilitate an education that supports creativity, inquiry, habitual reading, and self-reflection. We are committed to inspiring the love of learning in our students. As a formerly Christian community, we strive to exemplify the core values of integrity, responsibility, friendship, perseverance, citizenship, generosity, kindness/caring, leadership, and respect.

Our teachers continually introduce new materials while reinforcing previous skills and content. Our small class sizes, high-quality academics, and the integration of technology support our individualized approach. Our teachers make learning relevant and enjoyable.

Close student-teacher connections allow Key Point Academy students to be comfortable taking educational risks and discussing new ideas as active participants in the classroom

Our graduates surface with the confidence to lead and learn knowing that education should be empowering and enjoyable. Key Point Academy will show each student that their voice matters and that good character is as important as strong core subject knowledge. Our graduating students are well-equipped to succeed in our rigorous upper school environment.

"I can honestly say I love Key Point Academy. My teachers have changed my life in so many positive ways—they're always supportive, encouraging, and actually care about our success. I truly feel happy and excited to go to school every day because I can tell that I'm learning and growing. It's a place where I feel seen, you know. It makes me want to do my best."