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Programs That Inspire


Key Point Academy’s mindfulness program cultivates and maintains mindfulness through diverse and regular practices in our Open Mind classes. We foster awareness among students to create an inclusive, non-judgmental, safe, and curious learning environment where they can thrive. This program enhances social-emotional core competencies, equipping students with essential life skills such as self-regulation, interpersonal skills, and responsible decision-making. The varied lessons help students connect their inner and outer experiences, enabling them to recognize the harmony between the two.


Key Point Academy's optional Theology course is inspired by our Christian heritage and values, and provides a thorough exploration of spiritual and ethical traditions.  This program invites elementary through upper school students to delve into your personal relationship with God and your connections with others, while contemplating the moral duties these relationships entail. Our curriculum includes diverse topics such as the life of Jesus and other key religious figures, sacred texts, social justice, morality, and world religions.

Our focus extends beyond academic learning; we emphasize active participation in community service, enabling you to apply your knowledge and cultivate meaningful relationships within the local community. This engagement fosters students' development into a conscientious and compassionate individual.